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Misconceptions of Oregon's Eviction Moratorium

3 Misconceptions about Oregon’s Eviction Moratorium

1. Landlords Can’t Start an Eviction Proceeding

Kate Brown issued an executive order on March 22nd that prohibited law enforcement from eliciting tenants who are unable to pay their rent. This only stops the process of physical evictions. Landlords are still able to resume eviction proceedings and when the moratorium is lifted on June 20, law enforcement officials will have jurisdiction to evict tenants who are in default.

2. The Multnomah County Eviction Moratorium means renters do not have to pay rent right now.

Renters in Multnomah County are eligible to defer rent payments if their employment status has been affected by COVID-19. All deferred rent payments will be due six months after the county’s state of emergency has been lifted. 

3. In Multnomah County, verbal communication is sufficient to defer rent.

Documentation is to be provided by renters to their landlords showing just reasoning why the rent cannot be paid. Letters of termination or documentation of lost clients or canceled business are examples of accepted documents to defer rent. If documentation is not provided, landlords are within their rights to issue termination for nonpayment of rent in which the tenant would have to provide rent within a week. 

It is important for all of us to know and understand the rights and processes that are available to us during these unprecedented times. A common understanding only helps us serve each other better as we continue to navigate the effects of COVID-19.

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